June 20, 2008

Confessions of a recent blog addict

That's what I've become. A reader of Blogs. Mainly this one : http://krishashok.wordpress.com
Hilariously funny blogs by this English punt :D is an excellent way to pass time in office [If you're doing anything as boring as I am - pathing out images in Photoshop *_* this is the only way out!]

There are some excellent blogs all around, which make me feel (sheepishly) silly as I have happily been ignoring my own. Ha! If I had the will power of an ant I could do a better job of posting interesting things. But since I don't :D you can be happy with this.

Below are some pics from my visit to the Aviva Badminton Open 2008 held here in Singapore last week. I'm not an avid fan of any watching any sport, I prefer playing really. Its fun screaming at the Television but it's better to go out there and "Just do it" ;)

This was a strange day for me. I was watching this game on TV just before I left to go to the stadium. Must say, watching the game live is much more fun than on the TV. The intense atmosphere of the cheering crowds and the game itself, it was most excitiment I've had in days!

There was this mixed doubles game between Denmark and Indonesia, Whatte game I say! I finally understand why people pay good money to go to the stadiums and rather than watching on TV :) Although watching cricket with my family is a ritual when I am home. When my grandfather was alive it used to be my father, him and me yelling away at the TV while the cricket matches were on. I don't think it was just the game, but more than that, the "bonding" while watching the game that I always enjoyed.

But there is one sport that makes me wonder how people enjoy it at all? Golf. Seriously? It's just a guy putting a tiny ball into holes in the grass!! How much fun can that be? Yeah I know it probably insults every golfer's skills as I say this, but please, Golf is no where nearly as fun as Basketball (which happens to be my favourite) or even Cricket (test cricket is more fun than golf! ). Oh well maybe that's just my opinion.

Oh and here's a couple of doodles ( hehe.. I like the sound of that word :P ) that I doodled while I should have been photoshopping.

Its just this character I had in my mind. Okay so he happens to look a bit like my boyfriend :D
His birthday happens to be arriving soon, so I'm hoping I can make something interesting. Watch this space for more :)

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