September 25, 2008


I blame the distance.

It keeps us apart.

Doesn’t allow me to say

What is deep within my heart.

There were times,

I used to think,

life without you was

not worthy of living

Not long ago

when we were still young,

secret promises we had made,

silly songs we had sung.

Then there was the time

when I had to leave,

even though I knew I would soon see you,

after some reprieve.

Emptiness swallowed me whole

It broke. It cracked.

A seemingly strong trust

I never imagined we lacked.

Imagined isolation,

even when you were near.

Lonely nights have passed,

and I’ve shed many a tear.

Words and feelings,

They come to my lip.

But in anger and jealousy,

the balance seems to tip.

Love is consuming they say,

It overpowers rational thought.

Makes you say things you don’t mean.

A lot.

Pride is company,

Ego is my friend.

But always empty handed I stand,

in the end.

I would ask your pardon,

if I only knew how.

All I would say is,

‘Come back to me now’

But in my reality,

idle wishing must end.

A deep sadness remains inside me,

I think I just lost my friend.

This is not a call.

This is not a plea.

I cannot beg you anymore,

to come back and be with me.

My soul wrenches in pain

It boils. It burns.

But the decision should be yours,

especially where I’m concerned.

Not because of a past,

or a future that we might share.

Because you need me.

Because you still care.