June 15, 2008

Colour me crazy

What do you do when everything you want is against you? Its like that Allanis Morisette song, Ironic..thats what my life feels like. I started this blog to vent out my thoughts, not to anyone in particular. This is my online pensieve just like Dumbledore had his. Turns out that thoughts can be dangerous even when you don't intend it for anyone. Who'd have thunk it?

Anyway..If you are henceforth reading my blog and get offended by it..my apologies in advance. Your problems in life might be bigger, more serious. But the point is they are yours. If I wanna vent.i will VENT!! So live with it. Speaking of which, here's a picture i drew..I call it "feeling blue"..

Other than painting my feelings ..this is wat I do best when I'm sad.. I cry..then I eat chocolate cry some more..then finally fall asleep..How do you vent your frustrations? A friend suggested punching the pillow. I tried it, but denting my pillow didn't quite rid me of all the tension. Screaming into the pillow..now that's a better way the only disadvantage being you might damage you vocal chords. Some people get drunk, some just punch walls. OUCH.

I read somewhere that dressing yourself up is therapy for feeling better. Is that why we shop for so much when we are depressed? I read in a magazine once that wearing yellow is supposed to put you into a better mood. Does it really? By that logic, looking at white should bring you peace? Colour association with mood has always been fascinating to me.

http://www.jacksonpollock.org/..this site is awesome..you should totally try it if you're bored or want something to distract you. Left clicking helps change the colour and space bar is to clear the screen.

Well I better go stare at something yellow then. Or maybe green. Until then Toodles!

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